Life with the City Lights

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 0 comments

It was quite a long time since my last post, almost two months ago, I was just too busy with so many things
that sometimes I feel like I just want to sleep all day. :) My apologies for that.

Life with the City Lights - I really miss the relaxing feeling while staring at that beautiful scenery at night. The
good thing was, I was with my "Special Someone" in that place. We were just planning to hang around and it
was just like "Boom!" - Turned out to a cool "Dinner date". Just perfect for easing our stress, pressures and
feelings that makes us feel down. We really enjoyed the place, fresh air, delightful ambiance and the foods.
YES! The foods indeed! I miss their Grilled Chicken.

Another great stuff that happened that night was, there were great guitarists/singers that were there to give
us some great music, Oh yes! What a great serenade!

We were really on "Cloud 9", which is literally the name of the place "Cloud 9" :) That was really memorable,
A simple Pre-Valentine's Date in a place where love and happiness was felt. Whooo! So CHEESY!.. LOL!

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Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 0 comments

Wishing you all the best, God Bless Everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

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Very Special Rings

Friday, November 23, 2012 2 comments

Very Special Rings | Photography - In life, sooner or later you are going to fall inlove, it's a thing that there is something that will just happen in a single snap. That's what happened to me, and it was really unexpected, and that's just how it goes. Maybe to some, they experienced it already. And you know what's the happiest part? It's the time that you and your partner wear that symbol of love, the "Rings".

The story of those rings? Well, one is mine and the other is for my partner. If I could just tell the world how lucky I am to have her in my life. Thanks God for having her, for she really makes me happy and she makes me feel so loved. Through ups and downs she's there. :) Giving her a ring is really worth it.

And for you ladies and gentlemen, I hope you could find or you have found that special person for you. :)

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Doodle Art


DOODLE ART | Photography - I just remember that I have this Photograph of Cute Doodle Art. Actually I am not the one who made this, I just want to feature this post because this is really interesting. So, this was made when we went to McDonald to have some snacks. This was made by the creator of Sketchy Stories, as you can see, he is really great. His doodle arts and other illustrations are the arts that are featured on his own weblog, I do like his artworks.  :)

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Typography Art


TYPOGRAPHY | Photoshop Art - I made this using Adobe Photoshop (of course) haha. I downloaded some plugins and some other tools and brushes so that I can complete the art. I just used an old photo of me, with a dark background which enabled me to make it kinda interesting, dark art - something like that. :)
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SEO 3D Design

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 0 comments
SEO Logo Design

SEO | Photoshop Art - My interest for SEO started when I was still in college. I had some trainings and then I also had a job, actually that was my first job - being a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. I made this at home after my job, just to have something to do, and here it is. Same as the other Photoshop arts that I did, this was also supposed to be posted on my old blog, but since the photos and arts are not the main topic of my old blog, I decided not post this one, I only placed the watermark on it.
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Smoke Effect


Smoke Effect | Photoshop Art - It was a rainy night when I did this, I was thinking about my past, then I remembered the times when I was still smoking. From that idea, I made a decision to design something like this, actually my plan for this was to post it to my former Blogger Site, as you can see it still has a watermark of my old Blog. I decided not to remove it so that the old blog can still have a visit (hopefully, haha), but the old blog is not updated anymore so better stick to this new blog site. :) Thanks!
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Lotus Art


LOTUS - Well, I made this Photoshop Art three months ago. Almost 300 Layers and I made this for 7 nights. It's because I'm not that professional when it comes to Photoshop Arts. But I'm still reading some articles and tutorials. haha, LOL.

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Checkmate on Chess

Monday, November 19, 2012 0 comments

Anyone up for a Chess Game? First Photoshop Art posted on my Arts and Images Blog, actually it was a year already when I made this one, and as you can see, the URL on the watermark was still the URL of my very first blog (It's kinda outdated though, haha, but you can still visit it). I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for this simple art. Since this is one of my favorite games, I decided to make an art in connection with the game. ^^

Copyright | All Rights Reserved
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